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Walt's Last Year

Walt Whitman died the evening of March 26, 1892. Or did he? Just minutes before his time he was visited by Ralph Waldo Emerson. A conversation ensued. Emerson offered Walt the opportunity to live one more year. His pain would be gone. Food would taste good again. But there was a catch. If Walt agreed, he would wake the next morning on March 27, 2019. For the next twelve months he would take note of his observations and experiences. The following March 26 he would report to Emerson and others on what he’d learned. Walt agreed and the rest is history.

A Third Half Journal

A Third Half Journal offers readers a collection of stories, insights, and themes for reflection on living with vitality in the "Third Half of Life." Intertwining the author's life experiences and encounters with the wisdom of poets and philosophers, A Third Half Journal is simultaneously a rich reading experience and a call for building intentionality and meaning in one's own life.

The Justice Diary

Throughout this approachable collection of vignettes, Van Liew, a former prosecutor, documents his conversations with crime victims, parents, lawyers, police officers, offenders, and other community members who candidly share their stories and thoughts on how the justice system has affected their lives and communities. From his unique vantage point - that of a career justice system insider with experience in restorative justice - Van Liew reflects on the conversations he strikes up. The questions he asks, of himself and of his readers, will help Americans envision and work toward a way of establishing constructive accountability and providing the justice we all deserve.